Kansas State vs. Oklahoma

November    1st    2014

AgriLogic supports Kansas Farmers and Ranchers


AgriLogic Crop Insurance Agents & Farmers

Are you a crop insurance agent that has your farmers and ranchers insured through AgriLogic? Are you a K-State football fan? If you answered yes then you are in luck!

AgriLogic understands the importance Kansas State University has in the agriculture industry. The College of Agriculture offers 16 undergraduate majors, 14 minors and five certificate programs, as well as 10 graduate programs. With the impact this school has on our agriculture landscape we have decided to proudly support them for the 2nd year in a row.

 We are inviting our crop insurance agents and their insureds to join us prior to the game for tailgating in Cat town. Meet your AgriLogic team and other great people like yourself. Those that register to attend prior to October 15th 2014 will be eligible for additional giveaways prior to the game including suite tickets, Kstate game memorabilia and more